Monday, December 24

Why I didn't run yesterday, part two

A mere 90 miles to the west and in similar conditions, Brett Favre didn't have the option of choosing whether or not to workout outside yesterday.
Here were his thoughts:

Brett Favre lamented the windchill conditions, saying: "I've been playing 17 years, and that was the worst conditions I've ever played in. No excuse … I mean, it was. But [the Bears] handled it better than we did.

"It was cold, I'm not going to lie to you. I haven't thawed out yet. I've played in colder actual temperature. But in the 16 years I've spent in Green Bay, I've learned that wind means everything. It can be zero degrees, and if it's not windy at all, it's a lot easier to manage than 40-m.p.h. winds.

"It was extremely cold. It cut right through you. It made throwing difficult."

Bears defensive end Alex Brown described the wind this way. It "felt like it was jabbing you in the side."

So that's why I didn't run yesterday. Why I'm awake right now is another question.


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