Saturday, December 15

D. Hanks and no snow (Show)

I was disappointed to open the blinds this morning and see no snow on the ground.

I had hoped that I would be the only idiot to show up to an out-of-town 5K on a miserable day. It actually turned out to be great weather for a race and usual group that snatches my trophies were there to leave me frustrated.

This was the first time I have run the D. Hanks 5K. The course is barely over three miles and except for some fairly serious hills the final half-mile is a pretty fast course. I got a PR for the year, came within nine seconds of third place, and managed to keep Pam out of the Pizza by a couple of seconds. I recommend this race.

By the way, the pizza challenge is for two. If you earn the pizza your can bring a friend and I’ll pay for both.


Blogger MS said...

So THAT's why I did so well in that race last year. I hadn't run a 5K in a couple of months, and all of a sudden I ran that race 90 seconds faster than any 5K I'd ever run in my life - despite the hills. I figured I'd gotten a bit faster, but I didn't think I was that fast.

You just ran too early yesterday. I set out for my long run around 1 PM and not long after the snow started flying. It was fun, but no matter which way I ran the snow seemed to blow into my eyes. If I'd had a pair of ski goggles it would have been a delightful run.

December 16, 2007 5:38 PM  

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