Sunday, December 2

Twice as warm

Yesterday I ran a race in freezing temperatures. At least it seemed that way. Right befeore the race, I heard someone say it was below freezing. I just checked the race results and it said it was 49 degrees with 20 miles per hour winds. Maybe the wind made it seem colder.

Anyhow, I was shocked to see today's temperature in the corner of my compuer screen. 66 degrees.

I had to stop dillying dallying around and get part of today's workout in. I ran/jogged 4.5 miles. The distance wasn't the big thing and maybe later I'll tack on a few more miles. But the important thing was running the course of the race I'm thinking about doin next weekend, The Jingle Bell Run.

It adds a little bit of confidence to know that I know what's coming. Anticipate the hills and relax on the smooth parts.

I'm looking forward to this race.


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