Monday, December 24

New Toy

I've got the power -- Snap

My father, a Dallas architect, doesn't run, but he does like gadgets. That may explain why I'm (rslight) getting a Garmin Forerunner this holiday. It should arrive late this week in time for me to try it out at Springfield's Run for the Ranch.
Will this improve my race performance next year? I have no clue. I just like having some notion of my minutes per mile pace. Knowledge is power, as the elementary school posters say. If I had known I was slipping under 9 minutes late in the Dallas half marathon, I might have sped up.

I'm feeling guilty this holiday because the Garmin makes the presents I got seem shabby. I got dad a $20 certificate to Cheesecake Factory, stepmom a $10 certificate to Chilis, my teenage stepsister a $10 card to Virgin Records and my teenage stepbrother a $10 card to Gameworks. How cheap does that make me?

(Gratuitous side note: I'm boycotting Christmas this year. Don't misunderstand. There should be a day where families get together and a season that promotes giving. But as a Christian, I hate what Christmas has become.
Unfortunately there are people in society who insist on saying Merry Christmas repeatedly as if that makes them good Christians. That's not what Christianity is about. The Bible doesn't order anyone to celebrate Christmas. Jesus Christ didn't address a crowd and say: "Listen, Dec. 25 is my birthday and it's extremely important that you recognize that and berate anyone who doesn't.")

Enough of my potentially offensive soapbox.
Happy holiday everyone! God bless you!


Blogger bl said...

Oh common, what's a little offensiveness among friends?

Did you watch the atheist(?) video I posted? I'd be interested in your thoughts on that.

But my main Christmas question is what would you like Christmas to be?

I'd like for Christmas to be different also. Maybe I'll post something about that later.

December 24, 2007 12:36 PM  
Blogger Jim Evans said...

I love my Garmin.

As a humanist I was forced long ago to examine what I wanted from Christmas.

I have chosen to use this holiday to focus on how we can constructively share our differences. My goal is to build cooperation not competition.

Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2007 2:18 PM  
Blogger rslight said...

I guess the bottom line for me is that I hate feeling FORCED to recognize a holiday.
My wish for Christmas in the future is that people feel free to say merry Christmas if it is genuine, and not because of any agenda.

December 26, 2007 12:23 PM  

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