Sunday, December 2

Half Marathon Man

Got to ask yourself the question: Where are you now? -- James Blunt, Wisemen

I (rslight) was listless and despondent for a while after the Chicago Marathon debacle. I needed a fun, significant goal to replace running my first marathon.
I'm really inspired by Dean Karnazes' book "Ultramarathon Man," but I'm not quite ready to run 50 marathons in 50 days.
I chose instead a feat more suitable for my fitness level: four half marathons in two months (in addition to my obligatory weekly 5Ks). My schedule:
1. Cohick Half Marathon in Springfield, MO (Nov. 4) (Result: 1:53:45 PR)
2. Mountain Home Half Marathon in Mountain Home, Ark. (Nov. 17) (Result: 1:52:57 PR)
3. Dallas White Rock Half Marathon in my beloved hometown of Dallas, Texas (Dec. 9)
4. Run for the Ranch Half Marathon in Springfield, MO (Dec. 30)
It would be awesome to do all these under two hours, but that could be tough. White Rock Lake is a bit hilly, and the Ranch could be scary cold.
I've got a much more impressive challenge in the planning stages for next year. I'm keeping it secret for now. I know you'll enjoy the suspense.

Congratulations to MS and Jim Evans for dazzling the folks out west with stunning performances today.


Blogger bl said...

I'm enjoying a ton of suspense right now myself.

Anyhow, I just thought I'd say that one of the amazing things about Springfield is the high number of races. Lots of other cities just don't have that running community.

A runner doesn't have to race, but it does make it fun.

December 03, 2007 11:23 AM  

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