Thursday, September 13

Training for Boston

Two of the runners on this blog, R and Jim Evans, are hoping to qualify for Boston in their next marathon. Of course, MS has qualified for Boston in his last three races. Or is it two? And if I make my goal in my next race, then I will have qualified for Boston, if I were a few decades over. But Jim Evans said that if I do it, I will have given him hope.

So, obviously I enjoy reading stories about people training for Boston such as this one from the Billings Gazette in Montana. It's about a woman who often trains while pushing her two infants in a baby stroller.

Here was my favorite quote from the article:
"Since I started this whole thing back on the first of May, I've run over 500 miles, probably over 600," she said. "When I told my father-in-law, he said, 'So you've basically run to Missoula and back.' "


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