Tuesday, September 4

Hot N Hilly Part II

Gonna keep on tryin' till I reach my highest ground -- Stevie Wonder, Higher Ground

I (rslight) started feeling fatigued three miles into Monday's Run for a Child 10K in Rogers, Ark. Maybe my first-ever 18-mile run the previous week was suddenly taking a toll.
The race, a great production featuring several hundred runners, started at the fancy Promenade Mall. It quickly became Hot N Hilly Part II: Hills Gone Wild as we ventured into the countryside. There was a seemingly endless incline on the first mile, and then rolling hills. Nothing real steep, though.

When my friend Brent Barnett flew past me on a second half downhill, I mustered just enough energy to shout, "Go for it, Brent." I never caught up to him. My strategy was to keep a steady pace even though I couldn't seem to generate real speed. To my surprise, I saw I would get a PR while approaching the finish. I excitedly shouted, "Here we go," while accelerating across the timing chip mat. My new 10K PR is 52:26.

This Arkansas race had an eclectic array of goodies for runners aside from the obligatory race shirt. We received:
1. A nice backpack
Inside the backpack:
2. Go Lean protein bar
3. TLC granola bar
4. Nature Valley granola bar
5. An Atlantis hat
6. A towelette
7. Bandages
8. Holiday decorating clips and poster strips
9. A candy cane
10. Cheerios
11. Scooby-Doo fruit flavored snacks
12. Betty Crocker molten caramel cake (microwavable)
13. Coupon for a free Chick-Fil-A sandwich (unfortunately for me, only good at two northwest Arkansas Chick-Fil-A restaurants until Oct. 6)
And finally:
14. DVD-Rom of The Sims Pet Stories (apparently some type of video game)

Gratuitous side note: I always thought Stevie Wonder sang the phrase "People keep on running" in his wonderful song "Higher Ground." I wanted to put that as my musical quotation, but evidently Stevie doesn't sing that. I guess sometimes people just hear what they want to hear in songs.


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