Thursday, May 17

Today's Tempo Run

I sometimes struggle with running as hard as I want to. Today was supposed to be a tempo run, running so hard that my body adjusts to the pain that it should feel in a race. Initally I planned to go about six miles total including four miles on minimally trafficked stretches of Holland. But part of that plan would have involved crossing Sunshine at rush hour, a feat not for the faint of heart. Crossing Grand was a nightmare today. So I ran four miles total on the roads and got back to the Y, wonderfully positioned right next to my house and ran the final mile at my 5K pace or slightly faster, a little faster than an 8 minute mile. (Is it really my 5K pace or is my 5K pace faster than that?) Also, it was supposed to be my final two miles but I felt like I should get to work sooner rather than later. Why I thought that, I don't know, but that's what was on my mind.
Anyways, what I learned is the treadmill offers a great way to push the pace at the end of a run. Just when you think you're tired, the treadmill offers a way to make sure that you don't slow down and slack off at the crucial last moments of a workout.
All in all, it was a good run, a good start to a good day.



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