Sunday, May 6

Congrats to the tool

Congratulations to my friend, Middle Class Tool, who recently ran his second half-marathon.

I think reading his most recent post may have motivated me to sign up for the St. Jude Half-Marathon again. And then if my training goes well, I may be able to sign up for the whole marathon. And if not, I'll relive the joy of my first half-marathon ever in the wonderful city of Memphis.

Also, Mr. Tool's post made me laugh because his running strategy mirrored one I used back when I first ran my first half-marathon.


Blogger middleclasstool said...

Aww, hell, that was awful nice of you. Yeah, I had a ball in Nashvegas, but my time was about six minutes longer than my pace for Little Rock. I have been attributing this to the additional hills and the hotter temperatures in Nashville (the first half of LR is mostly flat and is run in early March), but now I wonder if maybe the difference was a special kind of highway hypnosis: I was Booty Bedazzled.

Evidently Eddie George didn't have that problem. But in his line of work, you see a lot of booty.

May 06, 2007 10:31 PM  

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