Friday, April 27

Good run

I slept and I ate and I got in a good run. A bit exciting too.

My nap went longer than I expected and I rolled out of bed just as the sun was setting. No problem though, plenty of lights in downtown here.

Shortly after I started running though, it started to rain. Again, no problem. I enjoy running in the rain. But then I saw lightning. Sigh. I'm not one for running in a lightning storm.

This was one of those runs that started with a mile loop that ended at the Y. So I picked up the pace and got to the Y soaking wet. I hopped on the treadmill so at least I'd get in three miles. But it was a bit distracting because I can't remember the last time my shirt was that cold and wet. Still, it was a good hard two miles on the treadmill to top off the workout.

I'm happy with it and I feel myself getting stronger. I almost didn't feel like running at all with the way this week has gone, but all things considered, it's been a good week and I've put in some really quality miles running.


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