Tuesday, April 24

Today's workout

A quick note on today's workout.

I got to the Y late because it was a hectic day. I might have run outside but it was pouring and thundering and lightninging (well I guess that's not a verb or a gerund after all).

So anyhow, I got to the Y but it was about 9:05 and they closed at 10. My first thought was to ramp up the treadmill and do a tough hill workout. But once on the treadmill I decided to do three good hard miles. Not much of a workout really, but I pushed it.

After a warm-up mile, I ran at a 6-minute mile pace for one-minute three times. Initially I wanted to go for two minutes, but that didn't see like a good idea. So it was a good quick interval workout and I covered three miles faster than ever before. It wasn't really that hard so now I've just got to start doing it more and getting better at improving my speed. I also need to ultimately increase my mileage again to more than 30 miles a week so I'll feel like I'm in shape again.

But after almost not running at all today, it was a good workout.


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