Saturday, April 14

April Snow Run

Yesterday as I left work, I saw lightning in the distant sky.
It was raining and you know I love to run in the rain. But it had been a cold rain all day and so I was debating running outside or running on the treadmill. But the lightning sealed it. Inside, on the treadmill.
I remembered this post from last December where I went to the Sac River Trails and had fun running in the rain and mud. Why had my experience of the weather changed so much?
Then this morning, the strangest thing happened. I walked downstairs to get my newspaper and saw snow falling hard from the sky. I opened the door and it was a warm snow. A warm snow? Yeah the snow was warm compared to the rain from the last couple of days.
And so I went back upstairs, skimmed the newspaper and headed out for a run. Four fun miles through the mid-April snow. These are things runners get to do that the folks who stay up late in smoky bars never experience.
It's been a great day.


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