Tuesday, April 10

The creative process

There's a poetry slam coming up. April 19. I probably ought to write some new stuff.

We'll see how it goes. Here are some scribbles of a new draft I put together last night. I'm not sure what I think except that I feel less and less creative all the time. That's why I ask for your thoughts.

pretty ugly.
ugly beauty.
beautiful skank.
stinky goddess.
Goddess ho.
Ho what?
Who you calling a ho?
the ecstatic O,
oracle of Delphi,
sweet potato pie,
the woman in the temple,
priestess of she.
Get on your knees,
head down
kiss the ground
kiss the earth
kiss your mama,
earth momma.
Momma Jean,
Mean wilhemina green
and old girl Mary.
I know why
your kinky garden grows.
Nappy hos.
She said,
"Who you calling a ho?"
She said,
"I'm not the kind of girl
who does what she did.
But if I want to I will.
Look mister,
she ain't heavy,
she's my sister.
She ain't a bitch,
she's my sister.
And she damn sure
ain't a ho.



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