Sunday, March 18

Staying the course

I got a finisher's certificate in the mail last week for the Rock'n'Roll Arizona marathon. And also a letter from Tim Murphy, founder and ceo of Elite Racing. It was one of the best letters I've seen in some time on racing and running. Here's an excerpt:
We know it was an especially chilly day in the "Valley of the Sun" this year - the coldest in 17 years as a matter of fact. However, there are always obstacles to overcome in racing, and in life. Finding the time to train while balancing a hectic work and personal schedule can be an enormous challenge, and just making it to the starting line healthy and injury-free is a feat in itself. So whether you set a PR, or barely covered the distance on race day - you stayed the course, and crossed the finish line. And we hope you are proud of what you accomplished.

As I look back, the training wasn't easy. More than once I wondered about the wisdom of what I was doing. But I more than barely covered the course. I set a PR. And right now, I'm thinking about the possibility of running another marathon in 2008. Right now, though, I just want to make it out of 2007 healthy and in decent physical and mental shape.


Blogger Vajra said...

House is quiet
She is napping
Walk to park when she awakes

March 18, 2007 4:20 PM  
Blogger Vajra said...

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March 18, 2007 4:37 PM  

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