Tuesday, March 13

Quotes of the day

Part of me wants to go running right now. The part of me that will win, however, is the part that feels like I'm catching a cold and not dealing well with stress.
Thus, I'm going to stay home and rest tonight. Maybe get up and go running in the morning.
Meanwhile, I read an article that reminds me of why I want to get up and go running tomorrow morning and on as many other mornings as I can.
Here's an excerpt:
In the vein of staying in shape for climbing, one of Doug McKeever’s favorite quotes is from Roger Bannister, who in 1954 ran the first sub-four minute mile. Sir Roger said, “We run not only because we think it is doing us good, but … because it helps us do other things better.”

Ultramarathons appeal to McKeever because if there is one word he especially loves, it’s “perseverance.”

“One of the values which is most important to me in life and leisure,” he writes on his Web site, “is persistence or perseverance, the ability to stick to things that are worthwhile, to finish the race, to see the battle through.”


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