Monday, March 12

A relatively common problem

You may be wondering what's on my mind today. OK. I'll share.

While googling today, I found out that
Diarrhea is a relatively common problem Diarrhea is a relatively common problem for endurance athletes. About one-third of long-distance runners will have problems with diarrhea at some point during training or competition. However, it is unusual for this to occur with every long run, and most runners never require specific treatment.

I searched for information such as this because I've had minor problems following runs of 8 and now 10 miles two weeks in a row. These aren't particularly long runs, in my opinion, but the what did I eat question doesn't seem to matter much compared to the what did I do question?
Perhaps next week I could go for a run of similar distance, but I think I'm going to dial it back for a while.


Anonymous Kyler said...

I had occasional intestinal problems while I was in the midst of marathon training. One thing that helped was being more careful about what I ate for the 24 hours prior to long runs. Also, the harder I pushed my pace on long runs, the worse the problems were, though this of course got better once I had been running for several months and was in better shape.

One thing that is very hard to predict is just how digested your food will be prior to a run. When my food was fully digested, I've been able to go to the bathroom shortly before a long run and I've not had problems. It's only if I haven't been able to go first that I'll get stomach aches or diarrhea. And even then, there are usually warning signs in the middle of my run. I'm usually just too obstinate to ease up on the pace or shorten my run to avoid the problem.

March 12, 2007 12:32 PM  

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