Tuesday, March 13

Running Hills

I love hills. Kenyan runners love hills. Amby Burfoot and Runners' World love hills.

What more do you need?

Here's an excerpt from a recent Runners' World article that popped up in my e-mail.

Medical research isn't exactly brimming with hill-training studies, but I located several with impressive results. A 1977 article in the European Journal of Applied Physiology concluded that runners who followed an intense six-week program of hard uphill running enjoyed "significant improvements in training distances, anaerobic capacity, and strength." A chapter in the International Olympic Committee's 1992 book Endurance and Sport reported a study of runners who did 12 weeks of regular training, plus "hill training with 'bounce running.'" After the 12 weeks, the subjects' running economy (or how efficiently they ran) increased by an average of three percent. That's a nice increase in a running variable that's not easy to improve.


Blogger R said...

Hills are good ideas. I will love them. I will keep saying that, until maybe it happens.

March 13, 2007 5:45 PM  

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