Thursday, March 8

Prioritizing the miles

My plan to continue running is moving forward in fits and starts.

Saturday I ran 8 miles. Sunday, well, I only left the house to go buy Pepto Bismol. My muscles were much more sore than they should normally be after an 8-mile run. I've convinced myself that it was something I ate. I believe that and today I feel practically back to normal. But that little episode definitely sapped some energy.

And the rest of the week has simply been a poor job of prioritizing. I hang out with friends typically on Wednesday nights at 7 but I could have gotten there later. I could have squeezed in three or four miles. Maybe 5.

Today my job had me running around until 8 o'clock. Then I sat and got sucked into the tv. I was just so tired. And at 9. Even more tired.

But Emil whispered in my earI am tired? That's besides the point. It's simply that I just have to.

And I slipped over to the Y to at least hop on the treadmill and pump out three relatively hard miles.

I'm still tired. But at least I got in a few miles today. Tomorrow is another story. But hopefully it will be a good one, a story that will include some good miles.


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