Saturday, March 10

Random thoughts on a Saturday evening

Well, I just got in my second run of the day on what's been a pretty blah day. I've done some reading and judged a debate contest, but besides that not much. Some basketball on tv.

I tried for the second time to watch Marathon Man, a 70s movie I bought on impulse a few weeks back. And for the second time I fell asleep. It's supposed to be a great movie.

I've also opened a box of Samoans aka Caramel Delites. Girl Scout Cookies. Apparently a serving of Samoans is 2 cookies and there are 8 servings in a box. My problem is that shortly after I open a box it's empty. And I'm the only one here. I'm hoping this box I opened today makes it to tomorrow. Here's some Girl Scout Cookie trivia. They changed the name from Samoans to Caramel Delites because it was culturally insensitive to call the cookies Samoans.

Anyways, I got the latest issue of the local running club newsletter. My classic slam poem Don't Kill Yourself was included. I'd submitted it a while back.

I'd planned to run 8 miles tomorrow with my friend Kat. But partially due to the daylight savings time change, she's had to cancel. Maybe I'll run 10 miles instead.

I'm thinking a lot about this 5K I want to run a week from today. I want to obliterate my old PR. That's all. Just get well under 25:45, hopefully under 25 minutes. But really I want to convince myself that my goal for the year of 21 minutes in the 5K is doable. I want to give myself some confidence there. Much-needed confidence.

Anyway, this has been a long and rambling post, but well I guess I kind of wanted somebody to talk to today.


Blogger Vajra said...

Our neighborhood pusher, aka Girl Scout, seems to have forgotten us this year. Which is probably a good thing; I don't really need anymore sweets in my diet.

March 11, 2007 4:04 PM  

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