Wednesday, February 28

Monday's workout

I want to write about Monday's workout before I forget.

I went to the Y to get on the treadmill and do some hills. And 8 degree incline at least. Maybe 10 or 12 or 15 degrees.

Every treadmill was taken. I got on an elliptical trainer but I was going crazy. So after a couple of minutes I got off and went outside on a slightly hilly 3 mile loop downtown I like to run.

Then I got back to the Y, hopped on a treadmill and ran a 7:30 mile. It was a tough finish to the workout, but it felt good. And I felt that I probably could have run faster.

I remember when I thought that 10 minute miles were fast. That was a long time ago. My goal for the year is a 21-minute 5K. With hard work, I think I can accomplish that in December. Or sooner.


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