Sunday, December 24

Merry Christmas

As I write this, it's Christmas somewhere.

So, Merry Christmas!

I may have had a Christmas list at some point, but right now there's nothing in particular I want. No gift I want to open tomorrow. I've been thinking about my ideal Christmas. What it would be like.

It definitely wouldn't involve lots of gifts bought in stores. Games, food, chocolate. Maybe running. Definitely running. It would be nice to have a tradition of a Christmas fun run with family. Except that nobody in my family runs right now.

I'm also thinking a bit about how much running is healthy. My foot still hurts, but if I wanted, I could run on it. I'm thinking about it. We'll see how it feels in the morning and maybe I'll go running and maybe I'll just rest and sleep. My day today has mostly consisted of sleeping and eating.

Back to the ideal Christmas. Maybe one or two gifts would be exchanged. No more than that. Nothing elaborate. Good friends, good times. Isn't that all we need. Doesn't there come a point where exchanging gifts is a bit empty when you don't have the things you really want?

I don't know why I can't get in the Christmas spirit at all. There's nothing I want to eat at all in the refrigerator here, but I keep eating anyway. I feel tired and I haven't run in two or three days now. Last time I ran was the solstice and I posted about that. That was Wednesday. And now I sit here tired and in a Christmas funk.

Midnight Mass starts at 11, just after a Christmas concert. Hopefully that will be nice. Then I come home and wrap my gifts.

Merry Christmas! Really though. The best gift you can give is how you treat other people. You never know how long someone will remember the littlest thing, whether it was a nice gesture or a hurtful statement.

Merry Christams! It's a season of hope. It's time to expect the best from the year ahead.

Merry Christmas!!!


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