Tuesday, December 19

Countdown continues

We're 27 days away from Rock'n'Roll Arizona. I am trying to get excited. But my foot still hurts. If hurt is the right word. Sigh. Maybe it's just emotional. Maybe it's mental weakness not physical weakness.

I would have gone running this morning but I overslept. Perhaps I'll take a long lunch. My hours are always crazy anyway. The house always wins. I mean the corporation always wins. And I do work hard. I also work better after running and more effectively after running.

Oh sigh, the corporation always wins. I'm so glad I've started running because it really does help me deal with stress. Even though I've lost 40 pounds, weight I tried so hard to gain, I've found something more in this passion to keep going.

And here's another countdown - two days until the first day of winter. It's not winter I'm so excited about though. It's two days until the days start getting longer and there will be more light for the running.


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