Thursday, December 21

Winter Solstice

So I was just listening to the radio and they mentioned how this is the winter solstice. I'd posted about that recently but I'd forgotten. The main point of my posting was that the solstice means the days are getting longer again and longer days means more daylight to run in. But who really needs light when they go running. All you need is discipline. Discipline and a healthy body.

I want to get on the good foot so bad. I've got no idea what's wrong with my foot. I ran for quite a long time without any injuries. After the marathon, I think I may turn my focus to other types of workouts, really low-impact workouts. Right now though, I can run fast and far and I'm going to believe that everything is going to be alright.

I keep believing though that some part of this foot injury has to do with emotions. So another goal for the new year is to look on the bright side of things, smile more with or without reason and just relax and have a good time.


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