Sunday, December 10

20 miles at the Ice Capades

Well, it was definitely warm enough to run 20 miles outside today. And I did.

However, when I got to the trail, I noticed something I hadn't necessarily planned on. Ice. Lots of it.

Well, it wasn't like the whole trail was packed with ice and unmelted snow. Just long stretches of the trail. I thought to myself, OK self, this will just work your core muscles much harder than otherwise. (I was at the Galloway Creek trail, which is paved not unpaved like I prefer.)

It was another tough 20 mile run, but generally if you go 20 miles, it's supposed to be tough. All things considered, it was also quite enjoyable.

The next two weekends I'm going to be out of town. First for a wedding. Then for Christmas in South Bend. The weekend (Dec. 31) after that will be my last 20 mile run. My plan at this point is to do 7 miles in the morning and a local half-marathon in the afternoon.

And then we taper.

The countdown continues - five weeks left until Jan. 14 - Rock'n'Roll Arizona!


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