Tuesday, December 26

Countdown continues - taper

Well, Christmastime is over. I've flown home safely. But I'm looking
forward to my next flight. My next destination. Phoenix, Arizona.

20 days until the Rock'n'Roll Arizona marathon.

days. Theoretically, I could be starting my taper now. That's a scary
thought. That means basically my training is done. It's now all about
resting, relaxing and getting to the starting line healthy.

But I've learned that getting to the starting line healthy is sometimes far more than half the battle.

But I'd like to think that this is the time when I buckle down mentally and
remind myself why I'm doing this. Remind myself why I'm doing this?
Perhaps this is the time when I buckle down mentally and figure out why I'm
doing this.

Because I'm a marathon man! And I think I'm ready to shave an hour off my first marathon time!

OK. Time to stop before I exceed my yearly limit on exclamation points.

I think it's fun to be able to run almost forever.


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