Tuesday, May 2

The bomb poem

In the second round of the slam, I went to a poem that over the years has proven to be a crowd pleaser. One of the last girls I dated said it was her favorite of my poems. Of course she was a little loopy and far more liberal than me. But I digress.

The Bomb

This poem is the bomb.
This poem is a mysterious poem.
I don't even know much about this poem.
But I have learned that what I have learned
about this poem could get me killed
because this poem is top secret.
It was created in underground labs
by physicists, philosophers and mystics
who wanted to repair the world.
Tikkun Olam.
This poem is the bomb, the good bomb.
But it was stolen and co-opted
by our blood-thirsty, money-hungry leaders.
Who knows what's going to happen next.

This poem is the bomb.
It's going to bring you food,
freedom and plenty of fools
who want to fall in love with you.
Fireworks are fake
like the hos on Ricky Lake.
This is the Jerry Springer real.
The bomb, the bomb
This is the JJ Dy-no-mite blast.
Black love, making it last
because it broke the mold.

Baby, you better hold on,
this poem is the bomb.
This poem is the poem's poem
not a shadow of poem
seen off a mirror,
reflecting flames from a cave.
This poem crushed the cave.
It is the bomb,
slinging triple entendres at you.
This poem will free your oil.
It will give you gas.
It will light your fire.
It will keep you up all night, all right?
My grandma and your grandma
were sitting by the fire
My grandma told your grandma

This poem is a self-fulfilling prophecy,
a poem-fulfilling prophecy.
See prophets be trying to flow like this:

This poem is spiritual and religious.
Lick it, and you will say this poem is delicious.
It is not an acquired taste.
This poem is what you wanted
before you knew you wanted it.
This poem is the bomb.
It doesn't have to ask what you need before giving it to you.
This poem is the bomb.
It will rock your world,
again and again and again.
This poem is your friend,
with a big fat sloppy grin.
This poem will erase your memories,
it will blow your mind
this time.
This poem is the bomb, the bomb,
the bomb, bomb


Anonymous T said...

Your ex may not have been too loopy. Its good man.

May 18, 2006 7:37 PM  

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