Sunday, April 30

More reasons

The list of 26.2 reasons continues to grow:

Reason No. 23: With my spoils from winning the poetry slam, I've already bought two books from the Well Fed Head bookstore. They struck a great idea with their decision to sponsor the slam.

The first book I bought was The Principles of Running: Practical Lessons from My First 10,000 Miles by Amby Burfoot. It's a book I'd previously checked out from the library. He writes about how everyone has knows that Al Gore and Oprah Winfrey have won marathons.
Then he writes, "As a result, the marathon is like a Mount Everest for average people."
Well, I'm struggling with that a-word. The people I know who have run marathons don't strike me as average. Not Mary, Alan, Van, Rebecca, Allen, Dorren, Neil, I could go on...
No they don't strike me as average people. They wouldn't if I didn't know that they'd run marathons, but that's just part of the package.
Of course, when you start calling yourself and your friends over-average, you wander into that dangerous Lake Wobegone territory - where all the women are strong, all the men are good-looking, and all the children are above average.

Reason No. 24 The other book I bought so far with the gift certificate I won from the Well Fed Head is Winning Every Day by Lou Holtz.
It's another one that I'd checked out from the library and decided I needed my own personal copy for continual reference. Frequent readers of the blog have seen me refer to it before. Here and most recently, here.
I love that "patience, my ass, I'm going to kill somebody" quote.

I came across another choice quote while reading it today:

Dreamers don't fantasize. They make things happen. They not only have immense confidence in themselves, they have it in others. They never undervalue the talents of those they lead.

I wish I could hand that quote to every leader whose vision and leadership style impacts my daily life.


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