Sunday, April 9

A time for rest

Today was one of those runs where my body talked to me a bit.

As I wrote yesterday, I had a good, fast Saturday run with my friend Mark. At least fast for me. Mark estimated that we were running about 10 minute miles and I don't usually go that fast when I'm outside when I'm not racing. We went a little over 6 miles not counting the 3 or so miles I ran from my place to Mark's house and back.

Today, my buddy Allen said he wanted to do a fast 5 miles — at about a 9 minute pace. Well, I do 9-minute miles on the treadmill so this didn't seem too unreasonable to me. Somewhere along the way though, my left calf muscle decided it was going as fast as it needed to. The whole run I felt a little tight.

So, with about 3/4 of a mile left in the run Allen took off and left me in his tracks. I didn't feel too demoralized because I knew I'd gone some serious miles and I had a pretty hard workout the day before.

And I didn't just do five miles. I thought that if we were going to go that fast, I probably ought to warm up with the two-mile run over to Allen's house. After our run together I was a bit tired but I ran back home anyway. It was one of those days where finishing felt good, especially finishing after running the whole way.

But I know what I'm doing tomorrow: Resting.


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