Friday, April 7

Living in the first world

Ever have a day - or a week or a month even - when everything feels like you're running uphill with the wind swirling in your face. You wind up asking yourself questions like: what am I doing? why am I here? how bad can it get?

And the thing is, really, things aren't that bad. You know, the whole concept of keeping things in perspective.

For me personally, I try to balance the idea that things aren't that bad. Everything's actually pretty good. And things will likely get better.

It can feel like there are all sorts of mistakes I've made and things I don't know. To paraphrase Jimmy Cliff, I can't see clearly now.

I try to pray. Those things I don't understand how they're working, someday I'll smile about it: It had to happen that way so this wonderful result could come about.


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