Saturday, April 15

Some days or two weeks to 20 miles?

Some days are great days for running. Other days, well, are like today. Boy, the pollen was thick.

I have to look at this as a good news, bad news sort of thing and try to focus on the positive.

The positive is that this week I ran a total of 29 miles. The bad news is that on the day I wanted to run 20 miles, I ran 8.

But it was incredibly hot, I was struggling either with allergies or a cold and it was very windy too. Also, my legs just feel tired right now.

But again, I ran a total of 29 miles this week. I'm not injured. And I'll have opportunities to rest in the week ahead. Rest, get stronger and run some more.

When will I next attempt 20 miles? I don't know. I've got a doctor's appointment on the 24th and that will help me focus also.

I'm also determined to start running a bit more after work when it's still hot so I can adjust to the heat better. Maybe those will be short runs to provide a two-a-day workout schedule.

We'll see.

I've got to stay focused and set on my goal. These allergies will pass. And I can't help but think that running today will ultimately make me much stronger because it was such a tough day.


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