Monday, April 10

Reasons cont.

Reason # 15. "That's crazy."

I was talking to someone on the phone today. Nine days ago I ran 18 miles. This weekend my schedule calls for running 20 miles.

Crazy? I don't know if I agree with that. But I do think it fits my personality. Dogged persistent pursuit of a goal. Maybe even a goal that other people might not even want or desire.

Maybe it is a little crazy. But it's also inspiring to me also.

Reason # 16. Sometimes I think about the things I think about. And I think it's pretty immature. How do I grow up?

I was thinking, would running a marathon more focus and maturity? Would running a marathon help me get my life in order?

But wait. My problems aren't that bad. I'm not that much of a mess. And running a marathon isn't the same as enlisting in the military.

Life is good. So maybe Reason # 16 is a bust. I don't know. It put a smile on my face typing all this. Maybe after I run the marathon I could get one of those shirts that says "26.2 miles and still smiling."

Yeah. :)

I suppose this whole list of 26.2 reasons is a bit contrived. But hey, I've only got 10.2 to go.


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