Saturday, April 15

Yes, I know I've got an afro

Here's a little insight for those blog readers who also see me in the offline world.

No, I don't remember just when I got my hair cut last. But I do know when I plan to next get my haircut. Around June 1 or June 2.

There's lots of thinking about that.

One, if I train with lots of hair, that will make it easier to run with almost no hair on my head.

Two, it would be an acknowledgment that finishing the marathon will be a major accomplishment and cutting my hair will be an outward symbol of an inward change, the achievement of a major goal.

Maybe it's silly, but those are my thoughts.


Blogger Rebecca said...

That's funny. Kyler likes to shave his head right before a marathon, too. I have not tried that... yet. :)

April 16, 2006 7:16 PM  

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