Tuesday, April 11

Change is constant, change is good

When I was in South Bend over Christmas, I noticed a lot of construction around roads that went over the river. Thus I wasn't too surprised to see that the course is being changed.

I sent an e-mail to the course director asking what the changes will be like and when the new map will be posted to the website. After all, the 2005 course map is taped to the wall next to my desk at work.

Here's part of his response to my e-mail: "The Sunburst course is being changed due to construction and some improvements. It will be slightly less hilly then the old course. It will be less out and back. There will be more distance in a park."

Well, that all sounds good to me. One of my favorite parts of the St. Jude Half-Marathon was the little stretch through Overton Park. My absolute favorite part of any marathon so far was when I was on the road next to the Mississippi River in Memphis and I could see the stream of people in front of me and the huge pyramid down at the bottom of the hill. That was great.

Hopefully there will be some beautiful moments in South Bend as well.


Blogger BL said...

So, today I ran 10 miles. Near the start of the run, partially because of this post, I had disjointed lyrics from this song in my head.

Although I couldn't even remember the title. Mainly I just remembered: "Things are changing? Things are changing?
Yeah, things are changing..."

Or something like that. Always weird when I can only remember snippets of a song/poem.

April 12, 2006 11:06 PM  

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