Friday, April 14

Allergies or a cold?

Yesterday I posted about problems with allergies. Today I'm not so sure. I woke up coughing and I've never heard of allergies causing coughing quite like this.

I had planned to do an easy two-mile run at the Y this morning and I probably still will. But this coughing is tough to figure out. And, of course, a cold can easily come on faster if you're under stress and regular readers of the blog know that I've been dealing with stress and long hours at work. (I'm not sure when the last weekend was that I didn't go into the office. Possibly the weekend of the Little Rock Marathon.)

Sigh. This doesn't feel like a good time to get sick because I don't have the option of taking sick days.


Blogger Rebecca said...

you don't have the option...? that's too bad. rest a lot when you get home. have a friend bring you some o.j. and soup.

April 14, 2006 5:10 PM  
Blogger BL said...

Unfortunately, I don't have a friend to bring soup and o.j. There's the restaurants downstairs, but that's not the same.

Will I go 20 miles tomorrow? It depends on how I feel when I wake up tomorrow.

At least I shouldn't have to go into the office this weekend. That helps put a 12-hour day in perspective.

April 14, 2006 10:52 PM  

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