Saturday, April 22

Personal Best

Today I went to a local 5K and finished, oh I don't know, about next to last. But I was running with my little brother from Big Brothers Big Sisters.

We had a plan. Run two minutes, walk 15 seconds. That plan went OK at first, but then it just became a bit more of a run/walk affair. I was nervous because we were right in front of the police car that was pulling up the rear of the race and I didn't want them to say at some point that they were done and we had to move over to the sidewalk.

I joked yesterday with a lady at work that I wanted to finish before they stopped timing. But I was only half-joking.

Anyway, I knew that the last time I got my little brother to do a 5K, he finished in over 50 minutes. (Actually 52:20 to be exact.) So my goal was under 50 minutes. And as I recall, we finished under 45 minutes. I'll update with the exact time when it's posted online.

Just a few seconds after we crossed the finish line they started the awards ceremony. And my little brother came in second in his age group. Sometimes, it's all about showing up and perservering to the finish line.

The point of this post, however, is my 5K PR. After I dropped him off, I went to the Y and hopped on a treadmill. I was determined to do 3.1 miles faster than I ever had before. My previous PR was 28:36. During the last mile, I hit a 7.5 minute pace for about three minutes and did the whole thing in around 27 minutes.

I know treadmills are theoretically an easier workout than running outside, but I'm still proud of what I accomplished today.

Of course, I'm also incredibly proud of my little brother too.


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