Thursday, April 27

More reasons

I continue the list of 26.2 reasons why I want to run this marathon in South Bend on June 2.

Reason # 19. I've been thinking about an Old Testament professor I had in college lately. Joseph Blenkinsopp. He was a charming old man at the top of his field.

One day he was talking about how it's relatively easy to go join an archaeological dig in Israel or the near east somewhere. I can almost remember his exact quote: "That's life. Fantasize and then you do it."

Fantasize and then you do it.

One other day he was talking about something else, but I remember an interesting phrase he said. "I'm slow, but I get there."

I don't know why, but I identified with that as well. I know I'm slow in so many ways, but I'd like to think I'll get to where I'm going.

Reason # 20. I know this desire to run a marathon bubbled up from many different sources. But it's helped me not feel the nagging urge that I ought to be ought clubbing or partying on a Friday or Saturday night. And for me, that's just fine.

Going out drinking, especially by myself, has never been as fun in reality as it is in theory.

Or put another way: My worst day running was better than my best night out drinking at a bar.


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