Sunday, April 23

Another reason

I admit, sometimes I feel this list of 26.2 reasons seems contrived and cheesy. But it also helps to keep me focused. That why am I doing this extreme endurance race? question can nag at me at times.

So I keep going.

Reason #18: I've been told that to run a marathon, you've got to be physically, mentally and spiritually ready. I picked up a marvelous little book this week to help with the spiritual side.

The Way of Man by Martin Buber.

Here's an interesting excerpt: "The origin of all conflict between me and my fellow-men is that I do not say what I mean, and I do not say what I say."

Of course, if I want to say what I mean, I've got to first know what I mean. I've got to know what I want. And that is very hard.

However, as for the second half of that quote, I've said that I'm going to run this marathon. And I will.


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