Sunday, April 2

Jesus in Boston

Sometimes when I'm looking for a little inspiration, I go over to google news and type in something like "marathon training."

Today I chanced upon something interesting. Don't know if it's an April Fool's story or something satirical, but it was pretty good.

A newspaper from some college in Boston reports that Jesus Christ will run the Boston Marathon this year. It's a fun read. He's a great exerpt:

Several extremely fast Kenyans protested the Lamb of God's entry into the marathon, citing that he is in fact a "god" and the race is limited to human beings. Paul, the Anointed One's press representative, cited the doctrine of incarnation to show that the Light of the World is still entirely human as proof that He can still run the marathon.

His Holiness does not want his prestige and divine nature to overshadow the other runners.

"On April 17, I'm just another guy trying to run 26.2 miles without throwing up," said The Savior. "The miracles can wait a day."


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