Sunday, April 9

20 miles

For those of you keeping track, I need to be focused right now. 20 miles. I ran 30 K or 18 miles 8 days ago. 20 miles. Five days from today, I have a new goal. 20 miles. This is the longest run, basically, that I'll have before the marathon. 20 miles. I've got a lot to do at work this week so that I'll be basically relaxed and ready to go on Saturday. 20 miles.

I've been going in to work on almost every weekend for the last month. 20 miles. I'd really like for the 20 mile run to happen at a point when I can just forget about the office. 20 miles. All I want to do is focus on the next distance I have to go. 20 miles.

This whole training thing, this whole goal, it's got me scared and excited. But I think if I can do 20 miles with a minimum of discomfort, I'll feel about as ready as I can. Ready and relaxed.


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