Monday, December 10

Quote of the day

Despite the fact that it rambles a bit, I really agree with the points made in this quote.

"Ethanol is not the freakin' answer. Electric/gas hybrids are not the answer. Not driving your goddammned car is the answer. Of course, it's also all about balance and compromise and realizing that there are varying degrees of changing your lifestyle.
"I have no desire to be Gandhi and only eat rice and weave my own clothing, but there are a lot of things about our current collective culture and way of life that are seriously f-ed upand maybe we should just step back for a second and reconsider: Is the impact of this worth the damage, or even reasonable considering the other ways there are for achieving this certain end?
"People become accustomed to a certain way of life and never stop to question it until there are no more glaciers left or the grizzlies are gone, etcetera. It comes down to placing a value on the natural world and harboring an ethic towards it the way that up until now we've harbored towards our right to make as much goddamned money as we dam well please because this is America and capitalism is a god-given right. Well, I say it's morally wrong to glorify ourselves so much while stomping all over all sorts of stuff that would like to just plain have a fighting chance at existence as well."

-Anton (Tony) Krupicka (pronounced krew-PITCH-kuh) found in Running Times' article Tarzan of the Plains


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