Sunday, September 16

Let the taper begin

Today I ran my fastest 20 miles yet. And I was a wee bit hobbled. I tweaked my ankle at my speedwork session on Tuesday and it's not quite 100 percent.

Anyhow, today I headed up to the Frisco Highline Trail. Definitely not quite as busy as the Galloway Creek Trail. The good though is it's longer.

The bare details: I only saw two mile markers. The two-mile marker and the 10-mile marker. Although I didn't know if I'd see that 10 mile marker or not having only seen one mile marker earlier in the day.

I got to the 10 mile marker at 1:46. I hoped to run the second 10 faster than the first 10. Isn't that always the dream? My legs started getting tight though and I finished in 3:39.

Let the taper begin. I'm as ready for Oct. 7 as I'm going to get.


Blogger Jim Evans said...

The weather was a nice improvement over last week.
I wish I had a taper to look forward to.
I just finished my short long run (13.5 miles).
Today went well. I did the half-marathon in 1:51 which makes one think I could do a full marathon in a race in less than four hours. But, if one thought that they would be wrong.

September 16, 2007 2:00 PM  

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