Wednesday, August 22

Track workout

I had a slightly disappointing track workout yesterday. Eight 200 meter repeats. It wasn't my speed so much as my rapid decline in speed. The first one was 32 seconds. The last one was 49 seconds.
Sometimes people don't understand when I have talked about feeling out of shape. But I know that I'm not as fit as I could be right now and it frustrates me a bit.
I know that running 20 miles on Sunday affected my legs, but still, I should be able to maintain my speed better.


Blogger Jim Evans said...

You declined from a 4:15 per mile pace to a 6:50 per mile pace.
According to the “four second rule” a 45 second 200 translates to a four hour marathon.
Remember that a marathon is 100% aerobic. Your intervals should be targeting an improvement in your aerobic capacity. The decline you experienced indicates that you were relying too much on anaerobic.
I would suggest that you do 8-12 400 meter intervals at 1:40 or 6-10 800 meter intervals at 3:40. Most importantly learn to pace yourself so you run your fastest intervals at the end.

Personally; I hate intervals.
You can accomplish the same conditioning by including multiple one to two minute bursts into a race-pace training run. During your run imagine another runner a few yards ahead. Pick up your speed for a couple of minutes. Suck in your belly. Show your best form and race by the imaginary runner. You will look good and feel good in your own mind. That’s successful training. Visualization.

Keep it fun!

August 22, 2007 9:03 PM  
Blogger bl said...

I like intervals. I like the different types of systems they tax.

And I like that even when I feel like I'm running slow on the track, I'm typically running faster than I do on the roads.

And I like the feeling that I'm getting faster, that I know I'm getting faster.

I remember the Kenyans said they like one kilometer workouts and other types of longer track workouts. 600s and 800s and quarters as well.

My legs are feeling tired right now from today's run but I definitely feel great value in getting out to the track and doing some intervals.

I also love hill repeats, speedwork in disguise as they say. I like trying to push myself in new ways.

And I know I'm getting better. Right now I'm definitely in the midst of marathon training with race day 45 days away. But I feel like I'm advancing towards my goal and that is such a good feeling.

August 22, 2007 10:54 PM  

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