Saturday, August 18

Excuse me, sir

You never know what's about to happen when you're on the roads trying to get a good workout in and a car stops. I don't know why though, but something seemed OK with the big fancy car with Nevada plates that stopped while I was running today.

I was doing hill repeats. It was a hill about a mile from home, a hill that my friend who ran track at Missouri State said her team used to run all the time.

I was doing nine repeats. The fastest was the first at 63 seconds. The slowest was the sixth at 72. Then just as I was getting ready to start the 10th and final repeat, the car stops. The door opens. My former co-worker Elizabeth Klay sticks her head out the window and says, "Excuse me, sir. You're running too slow." Hilarity ensues, of course.

But then I turn back to running.

And my final time up the hill, I sprinted to the top in 48 seconds. 48 seconds. Wow. Granted, this being the last one gave me a little extra oomph, but clearly I wasn't going fast enough at the beginning. It's becoming clear to me that so much of running is mental and I've got to just focus a little bit more.


Blogger rslight said...

A cameo appearance from Beth! Very cool.

August 19, 2007 6:38 PM  

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