Thursday, August 23


44 days. 44 days until the Twin Cities Marathon.

And if there's a taper of 21 days or so, well, the training is almost over. I've done three 20 milers. I see two more coming up: Sept. 2 and Sept. 16.

Then it's time for the taper. And then the race.

Lately my legs have been looking forward to that taper. But it's the work ahead of time that makes it all worthwhile. It's the work ahead of time that lends confidence that the race won't be so bad. The race won't be unbearable. I'll be prepared.

Whew. 44 days. If ever the motivation starts to lag, a little countdown helps. 44 days.

A deadline is looming. That always gets my heart beating faster. Of course, track intervals do that too.


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