Sunday, July 8

Getting beat by the heat

Today's run - tough. Somehow I started way too late. Close to 8 o'clock in the morning. With a high in the 90s, that was just too late to get going, even if my goal was only 11 miles or so as opposed to last week's 20. Actually last week's goal was 16, but the weather was so nice and cool I kept going until I hit 20. This week, I stopped around 9 and a half. Several hours later I tacked on a few more miles on the treadmill, but this was not a good day for working out.

One thing I learned though, I've got to get up earlier in the morning.

However, next Sunday it's supposed to be cooler - a high closer to 83 so hopefully I'll get in a much better long run. We'll see.


Blogger tangerine said...

That's the part I'm learning. If you have to run in the summer, you better get up early to do it or it'll get so scorchingly hot.

July 08, 2007 10:35 PM  

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