Saturday, May 12

River Run 2007

Today I ran a 10K in Wichita. My time was about 56 minutes. I'd had a goal of 50 minutes. Sigh. It didn't happen. I didn't even get a PR.
My 10K PR is 54:37. I did, however, get a PR for this race. Last year I finished in 56:37.
Still, I was a bit disappointed in myself after the race. I so much thought I could run faster. But it was the hottest day I've gone running all year. Not only that, I've struggled with allergies this week. And I just couldn't mentally push myself into another gear.
Doing the math, I'd say the heat probably slowed me down a total of 3 minutes. The allergies probably slowed me down by about two minutes. And my mental weakness had to slow me down at least two minutes. That's seven minutes off a 56 minute 10K.
This isn't anything to be proud about. It just gives me cause to work harder and set a more ambitious goal. For my next 10K, I will attempt to run a sub-49 minute race.
And I will work much harder in preparation. Now, I've just got to figure out what the next 10K will be. It's also about time for me to shift into training for the Twin Cities Marathon that I've registered for.


Blogger rslight said...

Since I don't have a blog of my own, I'll steal some space here to praise a runner I'm sure you know.

Jonathan Groves set a big 5K PR of 25:23 for himself at Saturday's Kitchen Run in Springfield. He easily outran me and my recovering ankle, and hundreds of other people.

Interesting sidenote: Groves had the same time as Aaron Buerge, a Springfield man who was The Bachelor on ABC.

May 13, 2007 2:42 PM  
Blogger bl said...

Congratulations to Jonathan Groves.

May 15, 2007 10:49 AM  

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