Tuesday, April 3

Thoughts on travel

I wonder how people travel. It amazes me in part because I've typically been bad about taking vacations.
Last week I was in New York City just seeing the city. I went sightseeing and saw tons in Manhattan. I can mark things off my list that I've looked up at. But I don't know how much that really matters to me. Some people disagree with me but you can see a skyline or a building in a book or on the internet.
What I think is most special about travel is meeting people you wouldn't meet otherwise, tasting foods you wouldn't taste otherwise or smelling smells. I guess the beach is one thing that's different everywhere. The beach can be relaxing.
Heck, I suppose part of my problem is I sometimes have trouble relaxing.
But New York was good. As I wrote earlier, I had Jamaican food and Ethiopian food. I went to Gray's Papaya. I saw old friends and new relatives.
I ran around Central Park. I ran to the tip of Manhattan.
I performed some open mic poetry. And that really gets to the heart of my feeling about sightseeing. Tall buildings catch the eyes but sometimes what you're looking for may be a small room in a medium-sized building.
Ah, what do I know? I just need to travel more and take more vacations. That's the solution.


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