Wednesday, March 28

Carib Beer

Well I'm having a good time on vacation in New York. I'm having too much fun to blog extensively.

But I thought I would make it a streak of two days in a row blogging about exotic beers. The only problem is that the beers aren't exactly all that exotic or strong tasting.

Tonight I went to a restaurant in Chelsea called Negril and saw a beer called Carib. I'd never heard of it before, let alone tasted it. So I ordered it. Heck, I'm here to do and try new things. Carib tasted better than Addis. I suppose you could call it light and refreshing. But I don't look for beer to be light and refreshing. Rather, dark, strong and impressive.

I mean Carlsberg is a lighter beer, but it's enjoyable and strong. But my favorites will remain Guiness and Celebrator Dobbelbock.


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