Tuesday, March 27

Remembering the Central Park run

It's a nice, bright, hot March day in New York City. Today I've walked all over. Up to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Central Park and around Times Square and back. I'm a bit exhausted at the moment.

Yesterday when I was running around Central Park, I didn't even notice the Metropolitan museum. Also yesterday when I was running around Central Park, there were far fewer runners or joggers doing the loop than what I saw today. Maybe it was timing since I was running a bit before noon. Maybe it was the weather since it was around 20 degrees cooler yesterday. For me, yesterday's run was perfect. No need to carry water and I could just relax and go.

And fewer runners meant fewer people passing me. It also meant fewer people for me to pass. I remember this one runner, a lady who was relatively plump and running with a dog. When I saw her from the distance, I thought to myself that I should be able to pass her easily. But I was in a hilly section of Central Park and it wasn't like I just sprinted by. I started to think to myself how you can't always just a runner by the shape of her body. I started thinking to myself how maybe if I did pass her I'd have less motivation to keep running hard. Ha! When I did pass her I realized I didn't want to let her and her dog zip past me.

So I kept chugging along.

I know how far I've run here, but I'm not sure how many miles I've walked. I think I've got the longest runs in that I'm going to do here. My legs are started to get pretty tired. Maybe I should take the subways more but for just walking around in Manhattan, it doesn't really feel like 10 city blocks are all that far. And 20 blocks aren't that much further.

So, this vacation has been a good running experience so far.


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