Saturday, March 24

8 miles on the Huson River

This just feels great.

Thanks to, one of my favorite websites, I can tell you that I just ran 8 miles along the Hudson River.

I started just north of the Lincoln Tunnel and went straight down to around Battery Park where the path I was on seemed to deadend. And since I didn't really know where I was at, I turned around hoping to make it back in less time than it took me to get where I was.

Mission accomplished.

My next running goal for this vacation: To run around Central Park.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love to run while on vacation. There is the suspense of exploring new ground and the wonder of emersion in a new culture. I just returned for a cruise during which I had the opportunity to run on five different Caribbean islands. This included a 90 minute run on the beaches of Barbados and a 12 mile run in the streets of St. Lucia. I feel so fortunate that I am able to temporarily "live" in another community, breath in the air and feel the earth. Those who take escorted tours or shop for trinkets miss the true flavor of the country.

Jim Evans

March 25, 2007 8:56 AM  

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